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Mona Vale Boardriders is an inclusive Boardriders club committed to our members and the progression of their surfing enjoyment and the beach culture we all share at Mona Vale.

We are open to everyone and if you have a passion for surfing and feel like being a part of some spirited competition and family fun then Mona Vale Boardriders is the club for you.

Providing amazing support to our organisation
Nominate Your Mate to Win a Fiji Boat Trip

Nominate Your Mate to Win a Fiji Boat Trip

Vonu Beer in collaboration with Stab Magazine are giving away the last spot on their next Fiji boat trip. Nominate your mate for a spot on the boat, to surf alongside Vonu Adventurer Asher Pacey and feature in the Stab Magazine campaign clip. There is also a prize for...

February - Sunday 9th
March - Sunday 1st
April - Sunday 5th
May - Sunday 3rd
June - Sunday 14th
July - Sunday 5th
August - Sunday 2nd
September - Sunday 6th
October - Sunday 11th
November - Sunday 1st

Note: If Comp cancelled due to poor conditions the event will be held the following Sunday.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors: